Measuring Your Garage Door


Measure Your Opening at the widest point .

This is the distance between the left and right sides of your finished frame’

The inside of the garage Door should be framed with 2×6 lumber


Measure the height of the Door opening at the highest point

This is the distance from the floor to the bottom of the finished opening


Measure the area between  the top of the door opening to the lowest point on the ceiling

Doors require 15″ of headroom for standard tracks.

Additional 3″ is required for trolley operator

Doors can be installed in as little as 5″ of headroom


Measure the width of the sideroom available on the left and right side

Minimum of 4″ is required


Measure the distance to the rear of the garage.  This is commonly forgotten, include any bulkheads the drop lower than your openinal headroom .  Door height plus an additional 18″ is required

An additional 50″ is required if a door opener is required

How To Measure For Broken Springs

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