Steel Garage Doors

and Salt Exposure

Rock salt, other forms of ice melt and salt spray are extremely harsh on concrete and asphalt driveways, but especially harsh on steel garage doors and door components. Salt is considered a corrosive, and if not washed off, will deteriorate steel over time.

How to reduce risk of damage:

  • The best way to reduce the risk of rust is to remove the corrosive (salt spray, salt or other material) as soon as possible.
  • Using a garden hose, rinse off your car, driveway, door(s) and track to remove the corrosive. Make sure temperatures are above freezing (3° Celsius / 36° Fahrenheit). Do not pressure wash the garage door.

This simple maintenance will allow you to enjoy your garage doors for many years.

WARNING! Damage to your garage door(s) caused by salt spray, salt or other forms of ice
melt is NOT covered by our warranty.