• Powerful Cylinders


• Spherical Bearings


• Less Headroom Needed


• Lies Flat When Open


• Swing Out When Opening

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• Automatic Strap Latch


• Multiple Lift Points


• Lose No Headroom


• Has A Slope When Open


• Lift Up When Opening



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For over 15 years HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC has supplied the highest quality hydraulic and bifold doors for all building applications.

We are proud to supply Schweiss Doors which has earned “brand name” recognition in the aeronautical industry, agricultural, commercial, and industrial sectors worldwide.

Schweiss Designer Door series is sought after by architects, engineers and homeowners as the only choice.

Schweiss Doors supplies us weights, engineering data, wind load and design specifications for your Schweiss “One-Piece” Hydraulic Doors or Lift-Strap Bifold Doors to make sure they will fit your building perfectly and ensure smooth, safe installation with no loss of headroom.

No opening is too big or too small for HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC

Ask any Schweiss Designer Door owner: Chances are very good that they’ll say purchasing a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door of any style was one of the best investments and smartest decisions they ever made. Schweiss door aesthetics are one factor, but what really matters is quality of construction and door longevity with reliable efficient performance for years to come.

Schweiss glass designer doors will enhance the interiors and exteriors of homes and offices; blending in so well that sometimes you have to look twice to see it’s actually a door, room divider or moving glass wall.

There are many choices of decorative door coverings that can be clad with siding to blend in with adjacent walls. You may also want to choose from glass, metal siding, decorative wood, translucent panels, decorative and custom windows and trim, vinyl siding, stucco, rock face material and more to make your door one of a kind with its unique style.

Whether it be a hydraulic or bifold style door our outstanding long line of Designer Doors are used on homes, restaurants, stadiums, museums, RV garages and more.