Bi-Fold Doors for Aircraft Hangars

We’re proud to offer three styles of custom-made doors that we can have custom manufactured in sizes ranging from 6′ width to 140′. They are the newly designed Liftstrap Bifold door, the “One-Piece” Hydraulic door, and our architectural Designer Door lines. We provide Schweiss Doors who has been known through the years for its flexibility by establishing new trends in the door world.

Bi-Fold Lift Straps

The Schweiss Patented Lift-Strap design has virtually revolutionized the bifold door industry and made us a leader in the bifold door market. It utilizes nylon web material rated for 29,000 lbs. that quietly and smoothly lifts and lowers the door. Straps are quiet, clean, faster, rust-free, durable and longer lasting than steel cables. Schweiss doors are custom-made to precisely fit your opening without loss of headroom. We can also do custom cuts to follow your roofline to gain more headroom.

Schweiss created a new world of interest from architects and builders throughout the country. 
Our philosophy is: “You Think It, We’ll Build It.”

Can’t go wrong choosing HIGH-LIFT DOOR

• Adapts to any building large or small
• Lose no headroom
• Larger opening for less money
• Can be tightly insulated to save energy
• Our door will not bow or sag over time
• Opens electrically – easy to operate – no more tugging or pulling on those old sliding hangar doors
• Less moving parts – smooth running door – it’s built to work
• Snow & Ice will not bother – seals snug & tight
• Easy & simple to install (Installation kits available)
• Our Bifold Doors will work and work and work!!

No Sagging – No Bowing!

“Automatic Bifold” doors are the customers popular choice. No longer is it necessary to spend wasted time tugging and pulling on sliding hangar doors. The common complaints about regular doors are; They’re too large, they’re sagging, they’re bowed, I can’t insulate them decently, it takes two people to open them, in the winter I spend many back-breaking hours shoveling snow away to open my doors, I’m sick and tired of chipping ice away to get my doors open. A very common statement is, “I love my building, but hate my sliding doors.”

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