Rolling Window Shades

Executive Window Treatments – Products

Residential Be comfortable at home with Executive Window Treatments . Give yourself the level of privacy you want in each of your rooms, while adding a trendy decorative element. The best of both worlds! HIGH-LIFT DOOR has an extensive range of Executive Roller Shade Products & Solar Shading solutions for both high-end interiors and technically demanding exterior applications. We use Altex and…

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ALTEX Aleo roller shades are equipped with a system allowing for effortless raising and lowering also ideal for larger shades! In addition to its exclusive operating system, Aleo™ has a unique sleek and modern design which is opened to many customizations such as choosing to have the Aleo™ with an open roll or with a cassette covered or not with a choice…

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Executive Home Window Treatments

Our Executive Home Roller Shades are of affordable quality and consist of opaque, translucent or transparent fabrics that roll up and down around an aluminium tube using a chain mechanism. Roller Shades are installed on the frame or inside the frame of the opening window or door using two lateral brackets. Benefits: Ease of use Numerous options Sophisticated and simple…

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