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Quality You Can Trust

Talius is prepared to handle projects of any size with quality and service you can trust. Talius rollshutters and vandal panels are designed, engineered, and customized to meet your exact requirements and are backed by a comprehensive warranty.


Talius Protects Your Home or Business from the Sun

Talius Habitat Screens™ are the ultimate solution to protect your home or building from the sun’s harmful UV rays, bugs, and wind.

We are your trusted sun protection provider with over 30 years of experience manufacturing Habitat Screens™ in our state-of-the-art facility.

Please contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to find the best solution for your specific building’s needs.

Talius Commercial Security

Habitat Screens & Rollshutters, Rollshutters, Security, Talius

Talius rollshutters and vandal panels are a one-time application that is easy to maintain and convenient to operate. Here are some of the many features that they offer:

  • Stops break-ins and theft
  • Eliminate costly business interruptions
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Enhance energy efficiency
  • Save you money on glass replacement
  • Harmonize with your building exterior
  • Deter theft
  • Reduce vandalism
  • Improve safety and morale
  • Control light and reduce outside noise

All of our rollshutters are made from superior strength roll-formed aluminum with a high density, hard resin core. And unique safe guide rails block access to the hardware, while a unique U prevents the insertion of tools to pry up the rollshutters. Moreover, all rollshutters have been tested against excessive force and can be installed over wide spaces without deflecting against the glass.

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Solar Screens — Talius Rollshutters & Habitat Screens

Savvy homeowners recognize the numerous benefits of investing in cost-efficient rollshutters & Screens.  The post “What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Solar Screens”       by Ryan Johnson Talius Habitat Screens |December 11, 2018 

The Basics

Solar screens, sometimes called solar shades or sun screens, protect your home and its contents from the sun’s more unpleasant effects, namely harmful, damaging ultraviolet light and costly temperature swings (more on that later.)

Quality solar screens mount outside of the glass and improve privacy by reducing visibility into your home — without sacrificing the view of the world beyond your windows.

They’re retractable, and a welcome addition around the patio, deck, dock or other outdoor seating niche, keeping breezy gusts or pesky bugs from becoming unwelcome guests, during an alfresco meal or a fresh-air nap.

Solar shades reduce glare, letting you clearly see your phone or tablet’s screen, while working, surfing or texting, outdoors or from a sunny room.

Why Solar Screens are a Wise Investment

While it’s common for homeowners to throw money at leaky roofs and drafty windows, some folks overlook the toll that the sun takes on their homes. For starters, the sun’s rays fade all sorts of things, from patio furniture to pool liners.

But what about indoor upholstery, linens, wood furniture, wall treatments, curtains, blinds, flooring, artwork and more? When sunlight streams through unprotected or poorly protected windows, it eventually bleaches, discolours or dries out practically everything it reaches.

Smart investments, such as energy-efficient solar screens, eventually pay for themselves, acting sort of like an extended insurance policy, covering your furnishings, fixtures and finishes — and the folks who reside within.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Why waste hard-earned dollars on a low-quality product with little UV protection, or one that you have to replace after leaving it down on a blustery day? Instead, look for a superior solar shade that stretches your dollars in multiple ways. Choose a product that:

  • Mitigates UV damage
  • Includes an edge retention system that withstands high winds
  • Reduces window condensation, which can otherwise cause mold, rot frames and damage plaster or drywall
  • Cuts cooling and heating costs, and minimizes your carbon footprint

When possible, visit a showroom, trade-show booth or retail location where you can try before you buy:

  • Check that the screen, panel box and guide rails appear durable enough to withstand years of use and weather.
  • Operate the manual crank and motorized system to ensure that the shade rolls smoothly in and out of the housing. After all, you might want to roll them away on a dreary day — you can’t do that with UV window-tinting applications, which darken homes around the clock, rain or shine.
  • Decide if the product looks streamlined or inconspicuous enough to blend with your home’s facade.

The More Appealing the Better

Home is where we tuck away from the world’s stresses, but it’s also a source of pride and one of our biggest assets — just a few reasons to contemplate each addition or change we make to its appearance.

Before purchasing solar screens, consider the colour options available. Intuitive buyers (and designers and real-estate agents) know that a screen’s housing should complement or blend with the exterior. Habitat Screens, for instance, come in four standard colours and more than 1800 custom colours, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice style for practically.

What about the colour of the screen itself? Make sure the screen material comes in several shades, in order to provide the look and natural-lighting effect you’re after.

The Lowdown on Weave DensityAdobeStock_141719237.jpeg

Your home’s natural lighting varies by the direction each interior room or outdoor niche faces. So, choose a solar screen that comes in various weave densities. That way, you can order a screen with a heavy weave for a living room or patio that faces south or a bedroom that floods with summer-evening sunlight, or select a lightweight screen to control just a bit of the sunshine that pours into the kitchen at a certain time of day, for instance.

Ask Questions

A good place to begin comparing solar screens is a website’s FAQ page. But when it comes to such a relatively involved purchase, it’s usually best to speak to a representative.

Don’t be shy: Ask about durability, aesthetics, light control, heat control, warranty, installation and more. Examples of questions you might ask include:

  • Are your solar screens compatible with common window sizes? What about custom fits?
  • Can an exterior screen replace traditional interior screens or window treatments?
  • Do you offer screen-housing colours to complement all types of home exteriors?
  • What about installation, maintenance and cleaning?
  • Do you offer both crank and motorized systems?
  • How do solar screens differ from tinted windows?
  • What if I live in a windy area?
  • What about the warranty?

Hey, it’s your money on the line, so don’t hesitate to inquire and “kick tires” when looking for a solar screen that fits your needs.

To learn more about Habitat Screens or other Talius products, reach out by email or call 1-800-665-5550, preferably before the next sunrise.


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HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC is proud to be the local dealer for Talius, the manufacturer of the strongest roll formed aluminum rollshutter available in the industry. Made from high quality aluminum and stainless steel components, and insulated with a hard resin core, they provide the ultimate security solution for cannabis dispensaries, liquor stores or for any location often targeted by vandalism, break-ins and theft.



Our Rollshutters are custom made and specifically tailored to fit any application. They are made in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and are uniquely designed to create a long-lasting security solution.



Talius products are designed to combine purpose with appearance. During operating hours, they roll up into a compact panel box to provide an unobstructed view. When down during closure periods, they blend seamlessly into your building design.


Rollshutters can be operated manually or by motorized control, either individually or as a group. Motorized group control makes closing time effortless. Talius offers high security key switches, key pads, remote control, timers, battery backup capability and more. For even greater convenience, they can be integrated into your building automation and alarm systems. Operate them remotely while on vacation or working from home or, in the event of a fire, they can be set to automatically rise to provide access.


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Graffiti is a costly problem retail locations are often faced with, but Talius has the ultimate solution. Our unique anti-graffiti coating with outstanding resistance to chemicals, is designed for maximum surface protection. It is a one time application applied during the time of manufacturing, that will not wipe away when graffiti is removed. Anti-graffiti coating also provides a durable abrasion resistant surface to minimize scratches acquired in high traffic areas. Benefits of anti-graffiti coating:

•Easily wipe away dirt and graffiti spray

•Non-sacrificial to withstand repetitive vandalism•Pr events damage and reduces cleanup costs•Environmentally friendly

•Preserves your storefront image


Talius anti-graffiti coating provides long lasting protection which makes it an ideal choice for rollshutters installed in areas where property crime is a concern.




Stand out from the rest and utilize your rollshutter as an advertising opportunity.Apart from our Talius standard colours and over 1800 custom colour options available, we can also print your logo, photographs or any image you wish directly onto your rollshutter.Make use of your window coverage and make a statement!

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