Rollshutter Technical Information

Technical Information About Rollshutters Rollshutter Stock Colour Options Rollshutters – An Introduction A rolling shutter is a rolling door, window or opening cover that consists of many horizontal slats connected and guided by a rail system. Rollshutters are useful for security and vandalism protection, storm protection, sun protection and increasing energy efficiency. They can be used in residential, commercial, and…

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Rollshutter F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions About Rollshutters What are roll shutters made of? Rollshutters are made of rollformed aluminum with a polyurethane or hard resin core, or extruded aluminum. The right rollshutter for you depends on your requirements. Why are there so many rollshutter profiles to choose from? high-lift door inc offers a variety of rollshutter profiles to provide the solution to…

The Benefits of Rollshutters

Discover the Benefits of Rollshutters Rollshutters have a variety of benefits for both your residential and commercial needs. Our rollshutters are compatible with modular buildings, schools, cottages, commercial structures, and residential homes. Designed to provide security and peace of mind, Rollshutters offer solutions you can trust. In addition to preventing outside noise, rollshutters also offer the following benefits: Security Solutions…

Security Solutions for Business

Protect Your Business, Enhance Your Image A good security solution for businesses should be cost effective and stand the test of time. Property crime and commercial break-ins are on the rise. Intruders seek fast entry and most break-ins occur through doors or windows. Talius rollshutters have earned a reputation for protecting businesses from break-ins with the ultimate security solution proven to withstand…

Cottage / Vacation Home Security

Cottage Security A cottage is supposed to be your sanctuary and a getaway from day-to-day life. A cottage shouldn’t be the source of constant worry. With rollshutters, you have peace of mind and a trusted solution. Protect your cottage from crimes of opportunity and harsh climate conditions, year-round. Rest assured that when you are not at your cottage, rollshutters are…

Motorized Drapery Rails

Create a unique atmosphere Motorized Rail to extend the life of drapery The motorized drapery rails are designed to receive drapes adorned with different styles of permanent or wavy folds (Ripplefold MD ). This rail blends discreetly into the decor and can be bent in different ways to meet specific configurations, which can even be folded up to 90 degrees. With this rail, you…


Your window covering ideas, designed on your plans, with our tailor-made solutions.  Choose quality commercial shading products, no matter the size of your project. The perfect solution to meet all the specific window covering needs of your buildings. Take advantage of our turnkey service and let us support you in your project. Products Our commercial products are specially designed for your…


In addition to standard OPEN and CLOSE features, the Telis remote enables the user to pre-establish a favorite stop location. a.k.a. “MY” favorite position. An example could be to command the RTS motorized window covering to a 50% or 75% open or closed position when the “MY” button is briefly pressed. Telis Telis 1 RTS Transmitter only: 1. Using the…

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Roll-Shutter Rails

HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC has various Roll-Shutter Rails for roll-shutters chosen based on the application and the curtain profile is being used on the project. For general applications where security is not a concern, We recommend the PRO series rail. These Roll-Shutter Tracks are a one-part rail system that are generally used for interior applications or residential projects where the rollshutter is being…