Executive Window Treatments – Products

Residential Be comfortable at home with Executive Window Treatments . Give yourself the level of privacy you want in each of your rooms, while adding a trendy decorative element. The best of both worlds! HIGH-LIFT DOOR has an extensive range of Executive Roller Shade Products & Solar Shading solutions for both high-end interiors and technically demanding exterior applications. We use Altex and…

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Cable Guides for Roller Blind

Finishing at the base Base that enhances the aesthetics of your canvas Our Sun Project & Altex bases offer your canvases an aesthetic and practical finish.  They serve as weights to guide the descent in addition to stopping the lift.  Our aluminum bases are available in different colors to match all of the components. They can be simply inserted into the…

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In addition to standard OPEN and CLOSE features, the Telis remote enables the user to pre-establish a favorite stop location. a.k.a. “MY” favorite position. An example could be to command the RTS motorized window covering to a 50% or 75% open or closed position when the “MY” button is briefly pressed. Telis Telis 1 RTS Transmitter only: 1. Using the…

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Rolling Blinds, Custom For Any Application

Altex, Roller Blinds, SUNPROJECT

  [wpvideo P3C4rgxe] We offer customized solutions for special or unique applications including skylights. SunProject™ provides three different models of interior roller shades – Moduline®, Deko® and Tekno®. Each group addresses a broad range of applications with new levels of sophistication and versatility. Our technically advanced shading system is recognized as the industry benchmark for quality and performance shading systems. The…

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Blackout Shades

Almost total darkness previous Next1/2 Slides arranged to block the light Our Blackout Shades almost completely prevent light from entering a room. They seal the space between the canvas and the window frame. Ideal for home theaters or for rooms where audiovisual presentations take place. Our slides are available in different formats and different colors to match our fascias and cassettes for an…

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Window Shade Fascia’s

Affordable and aesthetic solution previous Next1/2 Aluminum fascia’s that enhance the finish Our Window Shade Fascia’s coat the mechanisms and the fabrics to give a more contemporary look to the windows. They cover two or more fabrics using the same profile. It is the perfect choice if the installation of window covering will be done in a complex environment due to lack…

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