Buildings dedicated to healthcare share the same primary objective: to take care of patients’ lives. This has a significant impact on their design, construction, use and energy performance. They do not simply house the patients, they also operate as an intelligent tool for their staff, night and day.


Offices are where most employees spend the majority of their working hours. So it is essential that they are designed and built to provide maximum comfort for their occupants. Productivity depends on it.


From nursery schools to the most prestigious universities, the education sector has built infrastructure devoted to knowledge acquisition. Recent studies have shown that visual and thermal comfort play an essential role in effective teaching and learning.

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Total Building Solar Management

There are many reasons for which commercial buildings are built or renovated. Buildings are needed for education, for work, for healing, and for relaxation. Somfy offers a wide array of solutions for any type of building, delivering benefits that are universally desirable for any functionality.

• Increased thermal and visual comfort aids the learning rate of students, creates a productive atmosphere for workers, provides comfort to customers and fosters the well-being of patients. Everyone wants to benefit from as much natural light as possible while at the same time avoiding glare and reflections.

• Optimized energy performance provides substantial energy savings and meets new environmental regulations by consuming less energy and natural resources. Saving money and protecting the environment are positives for any building owner and occupant to consider.

• Natural ventilation control provides fresh air which is conducive to good health and reduces the demand on HVAC which saves energy.

• Rapid return on investment as a result of energy savings, reduced maintenance and operational costs.


Our employees consist of expertsin all types of construction including wood-frame construction, conventional steel construction, pre-engineered steel construction, masonry block, and concrete construction. We offer complete electrical, plumbing and heating system services, and civil work on water and sewer, in addition to lot development.


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