Raising children is a wonderful but challenging experience. We try to make your everyday job as a parent or as a guardian easier with our innovations.

Altex shades can come with a cord or a chain that includes a cord retainer which eliminates the risk of strangulation for children and pets.Use it, because cords and bead chains can be highly dangerous for young children.

Additional precautions

We also advise you to ensure that:

  • Cords and bead chains are out of children’s reach
  • Furniture is moved away from the cords and bead chains as children can climb on it
  • Installation instructions are carefully followed. Attach the cord retainer that was provided with your product to the window frame or wall to prevent children from pulling the cord or bead chains around their neck. The cord retainer must be solidly and correctly mounted for the shade to operate properly. A shade must always be installed with its cord retainer.
  • Explore possibilities of motorized shades which are cordless
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