Dynamic Shade Controls

Motorized, automated and integrated controls systems are a vital component of our service. Choosing the right control solution can be very complex as there could be many conflicting variables within your project to consider: the size, location and number of glazed surfaces and their orientation as well as the purposing of the building, the number of separate zones within the structure, its latitudinal location, its daily regime, etc.

Residential controls and integration support

Our control systems are easily integrated with all home automation systems and manual override is possible via wall switch, hand-held transmitter, or virtual switch on desktop computer.

Commercial controls and integration support

We work with architects, designers, engineers and lighting consultants to create the perfect standalone or integrated system. In order to ensure top quality service and customer satisfaction, we developed external partnerships with the lighting control, building management and curtain wall sectors.

We use a Building Envelope Control System called “Animeo” which offers the ability to centrally monitor and control all motorized applications (e.g. interior/exterior roller shading systems, venetian blinds and louver systems) on all building facades via a combination of timers, sun and wind tracking devices and weather sensors.

The system is easily integrated with other building automation systems (e.g. Johnson, Siemens, Honeywell) and manual override is possible with remote control wall switches or hand-held transmitter units.