Dock levellers are the most common piece of equipment in your shipping or receiving department.


HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC. has factory trained dock leveller technicians they are efficient at replacing dock levellers, servicing dock levellers, and all types of dock restraint equipment, keeping your facility safe and on schedule.

Our technicians are very experienced installing dock levellers and when needed can complete an emergency replacement of a dock leveller that’s malfunctioning, or require routine maintenance inspections at times that are most convenient to minimize downtimes  or friction to your natural business flow
All our contracts include user accessible 3D Building Models (BIM)   and Online Asset management Portal   having a detailed model  of your shipping and receiving. This ensures everyone has the physical specs and data at all times, including all dimensions of dock doors and the building materials It also gives the customer and HIGH-LIFT DOOR  information about typical traffic and loads that your levellers will be exposed to. Customers can request service, change orders, quotes all from mobile phone or tablet  using a visually responsive web app.
HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC. supplies equipment exclusively from trusted manufacturers, ensuring the integrity and quality of all our equipment.




Dock Levellers require proper installation and maintenance, your dock levellers could suffer frequent downtimes or have a shorter lifespan.

We provide one year warranties to the end user to ensure our customer is content with our high-quality workmanship on all our installations.
We  have the same high standards for our dock leveller service, making us the ideal choice to fix a malfunctioning leveller at your facility.
We strive to provide rapid response to all repair requests.
Our customers are always happy to hear we provide same day on-demand maintenance calls to customers, even if there is a major problem with a odd part we will supply a temporary dock to reduce your downtime as again that is our goal at HIGH_LIFT DOOR INC. to help our customers increase building comfort and economic efficiency.