Garage Flooring

Our Garage Door Flooring outperforms and outlasts without deteriorating, scratching, peeling or curling under even the harshest conditions.

Our Flooring is produced without using layers, fillers or laminate commonly used in other vinyl products. As a result of our solid construction and no wear layer, our garage flooring won’t crack, peel, split or deteriorate over time or under heavy use, making it a leader in performance and durability. The unique design renders it entirely waterproof and protects your floors from damaging spills, dirt and grime, even road salt and corrosive auto liquids and battery acid. Industrial-strength garage flooring is tough enough to drive a car on, yet its anti-fatigue comfort allows for hours of work or standing.

Our Garage Flooring is completely DIY friendly, installing by simply rolling out. Easily trim to fit with a household utility knife. Use one mat for parking a car on or utilize multiple mats for wall-to-wall coverage of your retail location or warehouse. For a more permanent, completed look, you’ll find a variety of finishing products on our Accessories page. It is as easy to clean as it is to install; simply use a mop, household soap and water or vinyl cleaner.


Why Garage Flooring?

Join our many of customers of who choose our Garage Flooring  for its unlimited uses, value and low maintenance.  It comes in a variety of colors, sizes and surface textures to match any space. All you need to decide is how many areas to cover – from garage to utility room to kennel to recreational hangout – Our flooring does all the work!

If you want an easy, do-it-yourself garage floor covering which gives some of the best protection to your concrete, with the easiest installation, then our roll out garage mats are your best option. When compared to epoxy coated floors or interlocking tiles, our roll out mats are one of the less expensive options and easier to install.

The Garage Flooring Advantage

• Premium, durable, solid polyvinyl construction
• Protects substrate for years under heavy use and hides flooring imperfections
• Holds up in extreme temperatures and weather conditions; suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• Waterproof, mold- and mildew-resistant
• Do-It-Yourself installation, roll-out and trim to fit
• Easy to clean with simple soap and water
• Resists automobile oils, acids and fluids, road salt, other harmful chemicals, and dirt and grime
• Slip-resistant
• Cushions, insulates and reduces noise
• Available in an array of appealing colors and patterns with multiple size options

Levant™ Garage Flooring

55 Mil Levant™ Garage Floor Covering. Leather-like look and texture for multiple applications. DIY roll out installation, trim & fit. Easy care, waterproof, slip-resistant, flame retardant and durable.


Coin™ Garage Flooring

Coin Garage Floor Covering is extremely durable, and designed for a multitude of uses outdoor, indoor and mobile applications, Simple roll out installation and no adhesive required. Quick and easy clean up. Waterproof, slip resistant, flame retardant


Diamond Tread™ Garage Flooring

 Diamond Tread Garage Floor Covering has a 75 Mil base and a 130 Mil overall thickness. Rugged texture for traction and slip-resistance. Easy to clean even harsh corrosive spills. DIY roll out installation, trim to fit. Waterproof and durable


Ribbed™ Universal and Garage Flooring

Ribbed Garage Floor Covering has a 55 Mil base and 120 Mill overall thickness. Raised ribs channel moisture and debris for easy clean up. Long lasting, versatile, waterproof, slip resistant. DIY installation, roll out, trim and fit