Habitat Screen Components

Habitat Screen Standard Features

  • Talius edge retention screen insert
  • Aluminum components in Talius standard factory colours: White, Brown, Beige, Silver, or Black
  • Extruded aluminum Habitat ScreenTM bottom profile
  • 5” x 5” (125mm x 125mm) precsion roll-formed aluminum panel box assembly with dual shaft system
  • Two extruded aluminum PRO guide rails
  • Option of the following fabrics in manufacturers colour range:
    • Tuffscreen, SunTex 90, SunTex 95
  • Build up for appropriate mounting method:
    • Face of wall mount includes 7/8” build up for bottom profile clearance on both guide rails and top of panel box
    • Between jamb mount includes either L build up, L sill or 7/8” build up for both guide rails depending on mounting style
  • Choice of operator option:
    • Manual gear reduction operator with aluminum universal and removable crank rod handle with bell connector
    • Standard limit 120VAC/60Hz tubular motor with 6’ (1.83m) hard-wired motor cable with bare ends and SPDT paddle switch
    • Somfy RTS 120VAC/60Hz tubular motor with 6’ (1.83m) hard wired motor cable with bare ends and telis 1 channel RTS transmitter

Habitat Screen Additional Feature Options

  • 1800 custom colour options and colour matching available
  • Alternate switching options and additional sun sensors, timers or transmitters
  • Additional sill and build up
  • Talius Bug Brush to increase your projects bug protection
Habitat Screen Component Drawings