Habitat Screen Manual Operator Options

Manual Operator

Talius offers manually operated Habitat ScreensTM with a manual gear with crank. All manually operated Habitat ScreensTM have limitations that depend on the size of the Habitat Screen unit.

Gear with Crank Rod

Manual gear with crank operated Habitat ScreensTM have multiple mounting options as seen below. Cranks can come as a removable unit with a bell connector or attached to the wall or panel box. Standard crank rod lengths are 68” in the extended position however custom lengths are available.

Manual with gear Habitat ScreensTM can be operated from the panel box side of the Habitat ScreenTMor out the back of the panel box. The universal that controls the gear can then go through the wall with the bell connector mounted on the other side of the wall. This application is often used when the Habitat ScreenTM is mounted on top of a window and the customer would like operation inside of the building.