The SunProject EcoScreen® Collection has a fabric choice designed for all your needs and solutions

solar protection and view

Where good solar protection is required while maintaining a good view to the outside choose:


Available in 9 designer colours. A
thin subtle sheer design lets the natural light enter your space without compromising glare or unwanted heat. Its soft warm texture compliments and enhances the décor in your home


Where privacy is required choose:


A thin yet tight weave construction provides privacy from the outside while allowing natural diffused light to enter your room minimizing the need for artificial light. Available in 9 matching colours to ES-8600 fabrics. In tandem, they are a perfect match when one room requires privacy or soft diffused light while the other may require the need to maintaining beautiful views.

heat and energy efficiency

Where heat is a concern choose:


ES-8400M with highly reflective metallized backing is designed to improve and reflect solar energy, while at the same time providing an excellent view to the outside. Due to the highly reflective nature, this fabric is an optimal solution to help reduce solar heat gain and for light control. As with all our EcoScreen collection we provide the same 9 matching colours.

unified colour and heat

Where colour to the exterior and heat is a concern choose:


With its specially designed two coloured fabric construction having a light colour to the exterior for uniformity and a warmer more subtle colour in the interior. This wonderful textured weave provides a feeling of intimate warmth to any room.

room darkening – opaque

Where room darkening and opacity is required choose:


The EB-700 has unique decorative colours and the look and feel of an elegant rich fabric.

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