MAXIUM + ALS Roller Shades

The ALTEX® ALS aluminum tube is unique and consists of a spline thermosealed to the fabric that slides inside the groove of the tube. This system prevents the fabric from detaching itself from the tube. It also facilitates fabric removal and reinstallation if needed. An aluminum slat in the base of the shade ensures its stability and appearance.



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Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 7.25.40 PM



Maxium and Optispace systems are the same price.

Maxium is the default system. Please specify when placing your order if you prefer the Optispace system.

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The mechanism model (MX5, MX8, etc.) is determined by default based on the shade’s measurements and the fabric selected. Please specify when ordering if you want to upgrade the mechanism and to know the charges that apply.



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Easy to use

Great value

Option of adding several accessories