Model LCO75 3/4HP Premium Garage Door Opener

For Light-Duty Commercial and Residential Carriage House-Style Doors

3/4 HP AC MotorScreen Shot 2019-04-19 at 8.11.38 PM.png

Our Most Versatile and Powerful Operator

Suited for Light-Duty Commercial and Residential Carriage House-Style Doors\

Vibration Isolation Hangers

7’, 8’, 10’ T or I-Rails, 12’ and 14’ I-Rails • Interchangeable Belt or Chain Drive

Secure Long-Range Remote

Built-In Diagnostics

Lifetime Warranty on Motor and Belt


Powerful, Smooth and Quiet Operation

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 8.22.18 PM.pngPowerful to lift heavier doors. Built-in vibration isolation system for both motor and chassis keeps noise and vibration from being transferred to the rest of the house.

Belt Drive or Chain Drive, T or I-Rail
Choose from our exceptionally quiet belt drive or our solid-performing chain drive, in T or I-beam rail configurations.

Safety First, Safety Always


Park or Reverse Door

To permit both ventilation and access, the garage door can be stopped and parked during either upward or downward travel.

Secure, Responsive Remote Control

Linear remote controls operate over a long range and employ high-security technology.

Deluxe Wall Station

All controls are large, clearly marked and illuminated (door UP/DOWN control, courtesy light switch, and vacation mode).

Automatic Courtesy Light

Dual 100W MAX lights illuminates the garage for five minutes every time the operator is used.

Easy Door Release

When you need to open or close the garage door manually, simply release the operator’s quick-disconnect trolley.

Assurance Through Self Checks

The operator’s self-diagnostic system continually checks to see whether everything is working properly. In the unlikely event of a problem, it will pinpoint the trouble and let you know by flashing the courtesy light. You can often solve the problem on the spot with a call to your Linear dealer.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 8.14.22 PM.png



Your Linear dealer is a great source for everything from to miniature key ring transmitters and multi-button visor transmitters to wireless keypads.


In addition to installing a top-quality line of residential garage door operators, HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC is a leading source of remote controls for the  garage door Industry, with a Linear door opener you can trust 20 years of pioneering experience in wireless technology and garage door operator manufacturing.

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