Multiple Section Habitat Screens

A multiple section Habitat Screen™ has a single panel box and multiple curtain sections for the purposes of aesthetics, strength or cost-effectiveness.  A split has multiple curtain sections and one PRO center rail, two PRO rails back-to-back or two PRO rails back-to-back with a space in between. Multiple section Habitat Screens can be operated with one or more operators.

Notes About Splitting Habitat Screens

In almost all cases where a Habitat Screen has one or more splits and is controlled by a single operator, the horizontal level of the bottom profiles may be out by approximately 1/4″ (6 mm) to 3/8″ (9 mm) between the first bottom profile and the last when the curtains are fully rolled up. This is a natural occurrence which does not affect the performance of the product, and is purely an aesthetic issue.

Maximum Overall Dimensions

Note: Manually operated Habitat ScreensTM have section size limitations. Contact Talius at 1-800-665-5550 to determine if your screen sections can be manually operated.

Centre Rail Options – Per Each Split Location