In car wash and other caustic applications, garage door technology is tested to the limit. That’s why Upwardor® garage doors feature Nystroll Roller state-of-the-art technology for extremely demanding applications. In a high-cycle environment where repetitive movements can result in serious wear and tear on components, the bearing-less Nystroll Roller has proven itself to perform consistently and quietly with little or no maintenance required.

nr1Key Features & Benefits:

  • Stainless-steel shaft and clip are corrosion resistant for extended life and strength
  • Available in 50.8 mm (2”) or 76.2 mm (3”) rollers and 127 mm (5”), 177.8 mm (7”) and 228.6 mm (9”) stem lengths
  • Nylon roller is quiet and durable
  • Thoroughly tested and negligible — only wears at 200,000+ cycles
  • Self-lubricating, grease-packed bronze bushing
  • No ball bearings to rust