DecoFlex 5 Channel, white

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Control either 5 individual motorized applications or 5 groups of motorized application

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A five channel wall switch that is battery-powered and completely wireless. It can control either 5 individual motorized applications or 5 groups of motorized application.  It can easily install next to an existing light switch or by itself and offers the ideal control when entering/exiting a room. The ivory finish is subtle enough to blend with any decor. Channels can also be organized with personalized buttons.

The DecoFlex WireFreeTM RTS battery powered wall switch features Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) and may be personalized for intuitive control of window coverings. It is available fully assembled in one and five channel button versions or may be easily converted to a two, three or four channel button switch. Choose from three colors – white, ivory or black – to match any decor. The switch is designed to compliment the full range of Somfy RTS handheld transmitters, timers and interfaces. Whether the application calls for shades, blinds, draperies, rolling shutters, awnings or other window coverings, DecoFlex WireFreeTM RTS is the solution for reliable control of window coverings powered by Somfy.

Included with each switch are a wall mounting bracket, blank channel button(s), temporary stick on channel button labels (available names on the opposite page), and wall plate. *optional screw-less wall plates, as shown on cover, available through your local home improvement retailer.


Easy to use

Select the appropriate channel button(s) and the adjacent amber LED(s) with illuminate. Then simply press the command button (up, down, stop) to adjust your window covering(s)
to the desired position.
Note: If a command button (up, down, stop) is pressed without a channel button(s) selected, the DecoFlex WireFreeTM RTS will default to the channel button(s) previously selected.

Simple To Install!

Installation is quick and simple,
No wiring is required. Included with each switch is an extended
life lithium battery eliminating the need for an electrician. The DecoFlex WireFreeTM RTS may be installed independently or next
to an existing light switch (as shown) using the included wall mounting bracket and the appropriate wall plate

Personalize the DecoFlex WireFreeTM RTS…

The DecoFlex WireFreeTM RTS provides added flexibility. Single and five channel button versions are offered completely assembled. The switch may also be easily converted to a two, three or four channel button version by simply selecting the corresponding face plate with the DecoFlex WireFreeTM RTS wall switch. Please reference the Somfy price list for ordering information.

And as future needs change, the DecoFlex WireFreeTM RTS wall switch can change too.

Add Printed Channel Buttons

Printed channel buttons are available to replace blank channel buttons or those with temporary stick on labels. Each DecoFlex WireFreeTM RTS channel button can control an individual window covering or group of window coverings. All channel and command buttons are available in three colors (white, ivory & black). Please reference the Somfy price list for ordering information

Technical information


Range in house
Radio Frequency
433.42 MHz


Nominal Voltage / Frequency
3V lithium battery, CR 2450 type




2.75 in mm
0.13 lb
4.5 in mm


Working temperature
+5 C/41 F to +40 C/104 F °F

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