Model 884 ADV-X

Exterior High Speed Fabric Door
The heaviest fabric door in the ADV-X series, Model 884 ADV-X is designed for exterior applications where weather elements may be extreme. The patent-pending articulating roller wind strut reduces noise and allows the door to operate under wind load.
This door’s strutted design allows for quick section replacement, while reducing curtain deflection under pressure. This door is capable of withstanding pressure of up to +22.0/-22.0 psf and can operate under pressures up to +5.0/-5.0 psf. Model 884 ADV-X is also designed to be low maintenance and includes such features as breakaway impact detection and push button self-repair, along with plug and play wiring.

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Max Width: 24’
Max Height: 18’ at 24′ wide / 20′ at 23′ wide
Exterior applications
Material: 3 layers of PVC-coated polyester with 2 layers of polyester weave
Wind resistance up to +22.0/-22.0 psf; operational pressure up to +5.0/-5.0 psf
Opening speed: up to 55” per second
Closing speed: up to 40” per second
Breakaway self-reset
Operator: direct-drive motor and gearbox system
Control: variable frequency drive
Wireless reversing edge
Plug and play wiring
Design Features
High Cycle Design
Springless design requires minimal interruption for maintenance
Direct-mounted gear drive minimizes wear and tear
Variable frequency drive eliminates sudden jolts from door start/stop
Heavy-duty Guide Construction
Door guides are constructed of 0.188″ thick high-strength steel
Articulating Strut Design
Patent-pending articulating roller wind strut reduces noise and allows for quick panel replacement while reducing curtain deflection under pressure and also allows door to operate under wind load

Bottom Windlock
A buttom windlock provides additional static pressure resistance.

Low Maintenance
Breakaway design with impact detection and push button self repair; plug and play wiring
Manufacturing / Heavy Manufacturing
Warehouse / Distribution
Large Opening
Parking Garages
Auto / Transit


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