Retractable Screens

Easy to see through and completely Retractable Screens create a cool, comfortable, insect reduced environment without sacrificing your view.

Block the Sun Not Your View

We like to think that Retractable Screens are like sunglasses for your entire home!  Our energy efficient screens are designed to provide superior solar protection, mitigate UV damage, optimize comfort, and provide daytime privacy.

Enhance Your Outdoor Lifestyle

Expand your outdoor living space with Retractable Screens. They are the perfect solution for your deck, patio or even garage.

Our retractable screens allow you to enhance your outdoor lifestyle with a spa enclosure or a complete retractable screen room. With our retractable screens you can have easy access to extra privacy, cool shade and greatly reduce the number of insects.

We can help to convert your patio or balcony into a retractable screen room. With custom made solutions up to widths of 19’2”, they are your ideal outdoor solution.

Benefits of Rollshutters

Retractable Screens have a variety of benefits for your outdoor living space. Exterior Screens will improve your ability to enjoy your home, business, or outdoor living space.

Retractable Screen F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions About Retractable Bug Screens. or any of our other products? check here for more information or contact one of our many knowledgeable representatives today!

Retractable Screen Technical Specifications

HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC is a service oriented company that gives you peace of mind.  Check out our retractable screen technical specification page for more information.


Bug Protection

High-Lift Door can create an ideal solution for bug protection utilizing retractable motorized screens . In addition to providing superior sun protection and energy efficiency, Retractable Screens also prevent insects from entering your home or outdoor living space.

Sun Protection

Retractable, energy efficient, and an attractive alternative to traditional interior blinds and window treatments.

Energy Effieciency

Our Retractable Screens are manufactured and installed to provide superior sun protection and energy efficiency