Retractable Screens are screens that are installed on the exterior of the building. Screens block the sun without blocking the view.

Screens provide solar protection, reduce internal temperatures, mitigate UV damage and provide daytime privacy.

All of our Exterior Screens Screens are custom made for each application and harmonize with the exterior of the building or patio.

The frame of our exterior screens are made with high-quality aluminum making them lightweight but durable and comes in 5 stock colors.

HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC carries three varieties of material made by Phifer specifically formulated for use in exterior applications, these have three different openness factors corresponding to the amount of light let in.

The screen material comes in a variety of colors. We also offers custom painting with over 1800 available options. HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC offers manual or motorized operation with a variety of control options.

Combine practicality with style. Retractable Screens are a practical alternative to traditional window treatments and blinds.

Our Screen neatly retract into a 5” panel box and feature an innovative screen edge retention system that allows the screen to travel smoothly during operation and stops it from blowing out of the guide rails in windy conditions.

Moreover, Automated Screens are maintenance free and be easily cleaned with a garden hose.

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