Residential Security

Rollshutters will not only provide Residential Security but will secure your home from break-ins but also protect against mother nature’s harshest elements

Our rollshutters create a barrier against theft, broken glass, and intruders.

Our rollshutters also help protect against harsh weather including storms, falling branches, and high winds. Learn more about  Storm Protection.

Moreover, all Rollshutters are energy efficient! They are proven to enhance the quality of your indoor environment. Click here for more information on energy efficiency.

Window with roller shutter three dimensional render

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Solutions You Can Trust

Residential security shutters are custom manufactured to suit your needs. Talius rollshutters are mounted on the outside of your windows and harmonize with your existing style and décor. When closed, our rollshutters protect exposed glass, prevent forced entry, and provide a strong barrier against crime.

Each of our rollshutters are designed and engineered to meet your exact requirements. Moreover, rollshutters are built to last. Our security solutions for homes use the finest quality and most durable products to ensure you and your family are well protected. All products come with a comprehensive warranty.

Available in your choice of 1800 custom colours, rollshutters will fit seamlessly with your home’s existing style and look. Operate your rollshutters with manual or motorized convenience from inside your home! We also offer remote controls, sun and window sensors, and timers.

One Product, Endless Benefits

Our rollshutters have a multitude of benefits. Talius rollshutters will secure your home from break-ins by creating a solid barrier against broken glass and theft. Rollshutters are always there when you need it and disappear when you don’t.

Moreover, rollshutters will protect your home from the forces of nature. Talius rollshutters provide energy efficient solutions to safeguard against intense sunlight, strong winds, and severe storms. In addition, rollshutters are insulated and will help to keep the heat in during the winter and  the heat out in the summer saving you money on your heating and energy bills.

Our residential security shutters offer practical and unique solutions that will allow you to experience your home in style. Talius rollshutters are very easy to operate and can be used to create the perfect blend of shade and privacy – great for daytime sleepers or people looking for a great home theatre experience!