Security For Your School

Create a Safe School Environment

Ensuring that Security For Your School is protected from break-ins and vandalism will help promote a healthy and morale boosting learning environment. Rollshutters provide an ideal security solution for schools. Our rollshutters will save you money and reduce your maintenance costs.

Our rollshutters are custom made using the most durable components. Talius rollshutters are designed to protect exposed glass from vandalism and also deter break-ins and theft.

Talius Rollshutters will:

  • Protect glass.
  • Deter vandalism.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Create and unobstructed view.
  • Save on energy costs.


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Security Solutions That Cut Down on Cost

Security For Your School solutions from high-lift door inc. are a one-time, cost-effective application that will eliminate the need for expensive emergency glass clean-up, window repairs, and replacement of stolen property. Moreover, Talius rollshutters help to curb the negative impacts of vandalism and forced entry have on morale.

Rollshutters are designed to combine purpose with appearance. Our rollshutters will harmonize perfectly with your school’s look and can even be customized to match school colours!

During school hours, rollshutters can be retracted to provide an unobstructed view, or regulated to control light and glare. Furthermore, Talius rollshutters are easily operated with manual or motorized convenience, so you can adjust them throughout the day to suit your needs. We also offer a variety of switch options for you to choose from.

Each of our rollshutters are insulated with a hard-resin foam core to reduce your energy costs bey providing effective insulation against heat and cold.I WANT TALIUS ROLLSHUTTERS FOR MY SCHOOL

Vandal Panels™

Vandal Panels™ are the ideal security solution for areas where rollshutters are not an option due to space restrictions or safety exit regulations. Talius Vandal Panels™ provide effective protection against vandalism and break-ins without obstructing natural light.

Talius Vandal Panels™ are made from durable perforated aluminum for superior strength. Custom made and painted to match your school, Vandal Panels™ are ideal for door lights, side lights, transom windows, or anywhere that space and security are concerns.

The Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Talius is proud to offer the school security solutions in Ontario that you have been looking for. Talius is prepared to handle projects of any size with quality and service you can trust. For over 30 years, Talius has been the trusted security solution for school, homes, and businesses.

Talius rollshutters and Vandal Panels™ designed, engineered and customized to meet your exact requirements and are backed by a comprehensive warranty

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