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Rollshutter Stock Colour Options

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Rollshutters – An Introduction

A rolling shutter is a rolling door, window or opening cover that consists of many horizontal slats connected and guided by a rail system.

Rollshutters are useful for security and vandalism protection, storm protection, sun protection and increasing energy efficiency.

They can be used in residential, commercial, and institution applications.

Rollshutters can be used in interior or exterior applications and are custom made to harmonize with each building.

Rolling shutters are made from high-quality aluminum making them lightweight but durable.

HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC offers 6 different profile options and 4 stock colors.

We also offers custom painting with over 1800 available options ensuring the rollshutters match your project.

Manual or motorized operation with a variety of control options available.

Solutions and Applications

Maximum Dimensions

Mounting Options

Panel Boxes


Rollshutter Curtain Options – An Overview

HQ Macro Curtains

SHIELD Mini Curtains

SAFE Mini Curtains

SHIELD Standard Curtains

SAFE View Curtains

Multiple Section shutters



Storm Bars

Build Up and Sills

Manual Operator Options

Motorized Operator Options

Home Automation

Talius Rollshutters Gives You Peace of Mind

HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC is a service oriented company and we pride ourselves on our superior customer service.

For over 10 years we have earned the trust of our clients and Talius earned the reputation of being a reputable industry leader. Together we constantly deliver excellent value and peace of mind, we ensure that we work closely with each of our clients to provide the best service and solution to their needs.

If you have any questions or would like to install Talius Rollshutters for your home or business, our helpful representatives are always available to you.

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Rollshutters are the ultimate security solution when you need to protect what is behind your windows. Strong, durable, and secure, our rollshutters create a solid barrier to prevent break-ins, vandalism, and crimes of opportunity.

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Rollshutters are ideal for storm protection from Mother Nature’s harshest elements. Designed to be strong, durable, and provide peace of mind, our rollshutters are the perfect solution for storm damage.

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Installed on the outside of windows, Our products will improve your energy efficiency. They are innovative, energy efficient products proven to enhance the quality of your indoor environment.

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Our products offer the ultimate solution for vandalism protection and security concerns. They are reliable when you need to protect what is behind your windows and deter crime.

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