Roller Shutter Build-Up and Sills

HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC has Roller Shutter Build-Up and Roller Shutter Build-Up that comes in our 4 standard colors with the ability for custom painting to help with the ease of installation.

Our build-up and PRO and SAFE guide rail series slide together ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Roller Shutter Sills

Talius rollshutters must close down onto a sill. When a natural sill is not present at the site the L-shaped sill OR the SAFE U-sill can be utilized. If increased security is required Talius recommends the SAFE U-sill. This is a channel sill that the rollshutter rolls down into. This unique sill prevents the insertion of tools that could pry-up the rollshutter.

Roller Shutter Build-Up

Build up comes in three different options, 3/8” (9.5mm), 7/8” (22mm) and L-Build Up.

We recommends utilizing these build-up options on existing sites where rollshutters are being added and the opening is not level or sites where door handles or other obstructions need to be cleared.

Roller Shutter build-up easily fits onto the PRO and SAFE series rails and other build up, allowing you to use them in combination.

See below for common locations and diagrams of build-up for your project.

More Places Roller Shutters Work Great!