Security Shutter Storm Bars

Security Shutter Storm Bars are strong aluminum extrusions mounted temporarily by the you in front and/or behind the rollshutter curtain when required.

A Security Shutter main purpose is to provide additional strength against curtain blow outs by strong winds.

Customers typically clip a storm bar in place when a storm warning is issued or when a rollshutter in an area with high wind speeds is left unoccupied over a period of time.

The design of storm bars allow for easy and fast clip-in action at the top and bottom.

Rollshutters are able to operate while storm bars are in place. A rollshutter equipped with a storm bar in the curtain centre typically experiences an increase in the blow out wind speed limit in excess of 50%.

Rollshutters that have no barrier behind them, such as a window or door, required a storm bar on both sides of the curtain.

This is to protect against blowouts in both directions due to positive and negative wind forces. In these cases, one such pair of storm bars accounts only for the increase in wind load protection of a single storm bar.

Storm Bar

Cross Bar

Security Storm Bars Bar Mounting Location Examples:

The following is an example of a typical mounting location for most applications. You may order one or more storm bars for Position A. For Position A locations, the factory will base the default storm bar height on the height of the guide rails, unless you specify otherwise. Note that the cross bar will be mounted tight against the folded lip of the panel box removable access lid, providing the proper clearance between the storm bar and the face of the curtain.

Below are two examples of alternate mounting locations. You may order one or more storm bars for Position “B” only, or for Positions “A” and “B”. For Position “B” locations, you must specify the opening height where the storm bar is to be located. Mounting plates will be provided for Position “B” storm bars, and must be positioned on site so that the clearance between the storm bar and the face of the curtain is between 3/8″ – 1/2″ (10 – 12mm).

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