Manual Rolling Shutter Operator Options

HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC has high quality Manual Rolling Shutter Operators with tape operators, torsion springs and manual gear with crank.

The most common manually operated option is gear with crank.

All manual rolling shutter operator units have limitations that depend on the size and weight of the rollshutter curtain.

Tape Operator

Tape operators are chosen most often for small and medium residential rollshutters or counter enclosures up to 24kg (53lbs) where the public has no access to the operator.

Tape operators are amongst the most cost-efficient operators however they are quite limited as they can only operate rollshutters with a light curtain weight.

Tape operators offer low security as the box or tape may easily be tampered with. HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC offers both small and large tape operators, chosen based on the size of the unit.

Torsion Spring

Torsion spring operators are installed inside the shaft, pre-loaded to provide tension in the upward direction.

To keep the rollshutter in a closed position there is a manual slide lock or key lock on the bottom profile.

Torsion spring operators are most often used commercially in counter enclosures, cabinets with cigarette or liquor storage, or entrance doors that are the last place of entry for the building.

Gear with Crank Rod

Manual gear with crank operated rollshutters have multiple mounting options as seen below.

Cranks can come as a removable unit with a bell connector or attached to the wall or panel box.

Standard Manual Rolling Shutter crank rod lengths are 68” in the extended position however custom lengths are available.

Manual with gear rollshutters can be operated from the panel box side of the rollshutter or out the back of the panel box.

The universal that controls the gear can then go through the wall with the bell connector mounted on the inside of the wall.

This application is often used when the rollshutter is mounted on top of a window and the customer would like operation inside of the building or on counter enclosures when the rollshutter is mounted face of wall of the exterior wall.

Manual Override Option

We offers manual override motors for rollshutters.

These motors have a gear system that allows operation of the rollshutter if the power access has been cut or the motor is broken.

These crank rods come with an attached universal that is fed into the gear system allowing the user to crank the rollshutter open or closed.

These motors are often used on rollshutters that cover main entrance doors ensure access to the building in the event of a power outage. 

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Please note that manual operation of a manual override motor should only be used if there is no power to the motor. Utilizing this function when the motor has power can damage the motor.

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