Rollshutter Installation Options

Width Dimensions (“A”)

There are 2 types of Installation Methods including Face of wall and Between Jamb both have many variations to ensure you always receive a perfect Rollshutter Installation

Face-of-Wall Installation

Use the generic face-of-wall mount diagram below to assist in determining your width dimensions.

Regardless of which type of guide rails you select, provide the critical width dimension for each application;

the (A1) dimension if the guide rail must not encroach on the opening,


the (A2) dimension if the overall width of the rollshutter unit must fit between an obstruction.

Between Jamb Installation

Use the generic jamb mount diagram below to assist in determining your width dimensions. This way your Rollshutter Installation goes smoothly

When mounting a rollshutter unit between window jambs or between posts (jamb mount);

the critical dimension required is the overall rollshutter unit width (A2), which is typically equal to, or slightly less than, the opening width of the structure.

You can mount most guide rails through the curtain channel and into the mounting structure as shown below

For greater stability and generally easier installation, you could order the optional “L” Build-up for mounting the guide rails to the installation.

Height Dimensions (“B”)

Face-of-Wall Installation

For rollshutters mounted face-of-wall over a window or similar opening, ensure that the guide rail height (B1) extends slightly below the opening

a minimum of 2″ (50mm) above the opening, or the opening window sash

An optional “L” sill may be added below the guide rails, or an optional “U” sill may be added between the guide rails.

 If you are adding the “U” sill below the guide rails, add 1 7/8” to the B dimension to allow the rollshutter to rest below the clear opening. 

Below-Header Installation

When mounting tight below a header, or other obstruction;

the critical height dimension is the overall unit height (B2).

With this mounting method, the clear opening height clearance which remains is equal to the overall unit height (B2) less the height of the appropriate panel box plus 2″ (50mm) for the curtain’s bottom profile.

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