Roller Shutter Doors Paint Options

HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC offers 4 standard Roller Shutter Doors colors of white, brown, beige and silver and over 1800 custom color options.

Quick Release Anti-Graffiti Coating

HIGH-LIFT DOOR INCoffers the option of an anti-graffiti coating on all rollshutters.

This is a cross-linked polyurethane coating designed for maximum surface protection designed to allow for easy clean up of graffiti from exposed rollshutter surfaces. Anti-Graffiti Coating is a clear coat that provides a gloss finish over stock and custom colors and offers a non-stick surface, allowing you to wipe away graffiti.

Some advantages of Anti-Graffiti Coating are:

  • Repels dirt and graffiti spray
  • Saves money and reduces clean up costs
  • Preserves your image
  • Protects from a wide range of substrates

With outstanding resistance to chemicals and excellent color-retention, Anti-Graffiti Coatings highly abrasion-resistant surface make it an ideal choice for rollshutters used in public areas and schools.

Release Anti-Graffiti coating is a modified aliphatic-polyurethane coating with enhanced abrasion resistance to provide resistance to chemicals, abrasions and impact.

Quick Release is a clear coat that provides a gloss finish over stock and custom colors, and offers color retention and a non-stick surface. Talius Release coating is applied with a dry film thickness of 1.0 –2.0 mils (25-50 microns). Hardness: ASTM D3363, 2H. Solvent Resistance: ASTM D4752, 100 MEK rubs; NO failure. Abrasion Resistance: 1000 cycles CS-17, ASTM D4060, 32 mg loss. Impact Resistance: ASTM D2794, 40 in lbs; NO failure. Flexibility: ASTM D522, 1/8” mandrel blend; NO failure.

Custom Paint Options

HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC has over 1800 options for custom colours available to customers. These options are available through a Benjamin Moore paint fan or by custom colour matching. Our Roller Shutter Doors custom paints each product in our state of the art manufacturing facility using a two component pure polyurethane paint system which utilizes aliphatic isocyanate reacted with resin polyols.

This paint is the same as those commonly applied in demanding conditions such as commercial air crafts, chemical plants, oil and gas platforms and commercial ships like ferries or navy ships.

There will be a miniscule change in the gloss and colour level over the first 5 years.

Over the first 15 years a colour change between 1-4 McAdam units can be expected, where 1 is not perceptible to the human eye.

The top coat will continue to preform chemical, corrosion and abrasion services under normal conditions solidly throughout the products lifetime.

Other Solutions For Roller Shutter Doors