The SAFE Mini Rollshutter heavy-duty, rollformed aluminum profile with a super-hard resin core and tough enamel finish.

Typical Applications and Solutions

  • Residential and Commercial window and door applications for high wind, storm and hurricane protection. Also provides excellent protection against cold and heat.
  • Commercial and residential high-security applications including window and door protection, security for counter enclosures, storage areas and tobacco, liquor, computer, electronics or medical filing cabinets.


Size Limitations

Note: You must comply with all three maximums. Do not exceed any one of them. Maximums are automatically reduced if the rollshutter is exposed to high winds, must satisfy stringent security requirements or is freestanding, such as in the case of a patio enclosure.

Standard Colours

Panel Box Limitations

Heights shown are guide rail heights (B1). Ensure sufficient room above the guide rails for the rollshutter panel box. In addition, the curtain’s bottom profile protrudes approximately 2″ (50mm) below the bottom of the panel box when the curtain is fully rolled up. Therefore, measure the rollshutter purposely high enough to clear any opening window or door parts, or tops of counter enclosures.

Note: This chart is intended to be a reference guide only. Panel box sizes may vary depending on the required shaft size and hanger lock presence.

Wind Load Information

The graph below shows blow-out wind speed for unprotected, free standing rollshutter curtains. Where rollshutters cover windows and doors you may expect considerably better performance due to the protection offered by the overall wall surface.

Testing was done at the curtain heights stated in the graph. Performance of the actual rollshutter will improve slightly if the application is lower in height than the tested unit. Conversely, performance will decrease slightly if your actual rollshutter is taller than the tested unit.



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