The best lighting will always be the natural light. The contemporary garage door GX-175-FVfrom GAREX optimizes the outdoor brightness for a clear and pleasant interior space. This door offers a maximum window size in various finishes and can be arranged to harmonize with the modern look of any building.

We can find the GX-175-FV panoramic full glazed garage door in restaurants, car wash as well as interior partition wall applications.

See how this product can not only enhance the look of the building but most important, resist to the bad weather and to an intensive use.



  • Aluminum extrusion
  • Several choices of glass finish
  • More rigid Industrial rails
  • 3 colors of paint finish, possibility of custom paint finish

Door Dimensions:

Garex can manufacture the GX-175-FV panoramic full glazed garage doors up to 6,1 m (20 ft) wide and up to 5,49 m (18 ft) high.

All of our doors can be assembled with panels of 45, 53 and 60 cm (18, 21 or 24 inches).

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