We provide full inspections of your garage door and door opener equipment to ensure everything is in good working condition. This will help avoid expensive repairs and extend the life of your garage door. Required repairs are automatically sent to customer for approval, minimizing downtime

All inspections are available anytime in our customer portal which provides a great place to see our relationship at a glance.

We manage your assets so you don’t have to, utilizing advanced customer management technology,  When you call regarding a door, we know the size, make, year it was put in, and much more. Ordering parts for specific jobs or organizations, generating reports, and providing information on required services or replacements can happen immediately, avoiding downtime.  Parts are often ordered before they break!

We recommend annual preventative maintenance on all garage doors.  In commercial applications, the maintenance schedule is determined by the door’s frequency of use. bi-annual and quarterly inspections are common with commercial customers

We provide transparent future budgets, CFIA pre- inspections and asset management unlike any other company in our field