Standard Air Door Opener

This high cycle air door opener has been a favorite for years. This opener comes standard with anodized aluminum tubes an stainless steel brackets. Another choice for an air opener is the Airlift Standard Air Opener. The Standard Air Opener is constructed of anodized aluminum cylinders, stainless steel brackets and rods, and PVC pistons. Mounted on the side of the…

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Standard Air Lift Door Parts

Parts for the Air Lift Car Wash Door Opener  The original air powered door opener. The standard opener has been a favorite in car washes for years due to it’s speed and durability. Standard Features and Specifications Features 2 1/2″ O.D. anodized aluminum cylinder PVC pistons Stainless steel top and bottom brackets Stainless steel piston shafts Quick connect airline fittings…

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Magnaglide Air Opener

The Magnaglide Opener is the premier air opener on the market today. The Magnaglide is a direct drive opener that is guaranteed not to jump door cables. There are no limits to set and the opener requires very little maintenance. This opener comes with a 3 YEAR UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY. The Magnaglide Air Opener is the only pneumatic drawbar on the market…

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