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Exterior Weatherproof Shade Fabrics

Good weather, bad weather! Photo credit: Serge Ferrari Photo credit: Resstende Srl Photo credit: Serge Ferrari Weather resistant outdoor fabrics Our exterior weatherproof shade fabrics are specially designed to withstand the 4 seasons and their distinct weather conditions. Rot-proof, they are mold-proof and keep their condition, regardless of the climate in which they live.  They offer durability and increased resistance to…

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Altex & SunProject Exterior Shades

A very chic exterior previous Next1/2 External blinds for comfort like at home You want to cover the outside of your windows in an elegant and practical way, we recommend our range of external screens & blinds. These blinds are offered in two choices of systems. The cable system which is often used when it is not necessary to completely close the…

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Superior Sun Protection from Talius Retractable Screens are a great sun protection solution. They are retractable, energy efficient, and an attractive alternative to traditional interior blinds and window treatments. Talius Habitat Screens™ are like sunglasses for your home to provide superior sun protection. Habitat Screens™ help to provide protection from harmful UV damage without obstructing your view. Our retractable screens will…

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