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Maximum Rollshutter Size Dimensions

The rollshutter unit must satisfy width, height and area Maximum Rollshutter Size limitations. If the rollshutter unit consists of more than one curtain section, such as a multiple curtain unit,the limitations apply to each curtain section individually. Depending on the operator device selected, the maximum dimensions of the curtain section may be further reduced due to operator lifting capacity limitations.…

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Retractable Screen Maximum Dimensions

Exterior Rolling Screen Maximum Dimensions All Retractable Screen Maximum Dimensions must not exceed the maximum limitations of height and width. Our Retractable Screens are made by Talius, and Altex both Canadian companies with years of manufacturing experience Maximum Overall Width Maximum Guide Rail Height Maximum Area ft m ft m ft2 m2 ALL SCREENS 19’2” 5.84 14 4.26 n/a n/a Fabric…

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