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Retractable Screen Solutions and Applications

Retractable Screens are a stylish addition to any building and can easily compliment commercial, residential, and institutional properties. There are many Retractable Screen Solutions and Applications to choose from The sleek panel box and guide rail design is available in five standard colours (white, beige, brown, black, and silver), or from over 1800 custom colours. Complimented by the high quality,…

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Retractable Screens

Retractable Screens Easy to see through and completely Retractable Screens create a cool, comfortable, insect reduced environment without sacrificing your view. Block the Sun Not Your View We like to think that Retractable Screens are like sunglasses for your entire home!  Our energy efficient screens are designed to provide superior solar protection, mitigate UV damage, optimize comfort, and provide daytime…

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Enjoy Your Patio Without All the Bugs! Retractable screens are an ideal solution for bug protection. In addition to providing superior sun protection and energy efficiency, Retractable screens help create a optimal outdoor living space. Retractable Screens are the perfect solution for your deck, patio or even garage. Enhance your outdoor lifestyle with a completely retractable screen room that protects you…

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Manual Operators

External Screens Removable Crank The External Screens Removable Crank system is perfect for small formats. The Manual Operators is removable and made of aluminum with magnetic coupler and articulated handle.  This system allows an easy and practical use. Adjusting the shade to the desired height to get exactly the protection you want has never been easier.  Entirely manual, this system is available…

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Retractable Screen Maximum Dimensions

Exterior Rolling Screen Maximum Dimensions All Retractable Screen Maximum Dimensions must not exceed the maximum limitations of height and width. Our Retractable Screens are made by Talius, and Altex both Canadian companies with years of manufacturing experience Maximum Overall Width Maximum Guide Rail Height Maximum Area ft m ft m ft2 m2 ALL SCREENS 19’2” 5.84 14 4.26 n/a n/a Fabric…

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Roll Shutter and Screen Solutions

HIGH-LIFT DOOR offers a variety of Roll Shutter and Screen Solutions for your home, business, modular building, or institution. Each product is carefully crafted at Talius Canadian state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. Fully equipped with highly trained personnel and the latest technologies, Together with their sophisticated manufacturing process, its enables us to handle projects of any size and complexity. Looking for something…

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Retractable Screens Introduction

Retractable Screens are screens that are installed on the exterior of the building. Screens block the sun without blocking the view. Screens provide solar protection, reduce internal temperatures, mitigate UV damage and provide daytime privacy. All of our Exterior Screens Screens are custom made for each application and harmonize with the exterior of the building or patio. The frame of our exterior screens are…

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