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Hydraulic Hangar Doors

¬†HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC is Proud to offer Schweiss Doors, The best hydraulic door system on the market Faster, Bigger Cylinders… with Spherical Bearings Provides a canopy when open All-steel framework… Stronger… Better… Safer No wood members on Schweiss hydraulic doors Easy-to-install Comes complete with its own strong subframe Clean Looking Doorframe… All-Steel Frame… No Wood    Easy-to-Insulate… Easy to Line Inside…

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Bi-Fold Hangar Doors

HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC has long been known for its design flexibility. Our design team works with architects, contractors, building suppliers and Schweiss Doors to make sure the door you order will precisely fit your clear opening We’ll answer your questions and provide AutoCAD shop drawings, door weights, loadings, hinge locations, specs and fine details. Customer satisfaction is our number one…

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