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Cottage / Vacation Home Security

Cottage Security A cottage is supposed to be your sanctuary and a getaway from day-to-day life. A cottage shouldn’t be the source of constant worry. With rollshutters, you have peace of mind and a trusted solution. Protect your cottage from crimes of opportunity and harsh climate conditions, year-round. Rest assured that when you are not at your cottage, rollshutters are…

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Security Solutions

Peace of Mind for Your Home or Business Rollshutters are the number one security solution when you need to protect your property. Strong, durable, and secure, our rollshutters create a solid barrier to prevent break-ins, vandalism, and crimes of opportunity. Rollshutters from HIGH-LIFT DOOR are completely retractable, so you don’t have to sacrifice your outside view. Choose between manual or motorized…

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The benefits of retractable screens


The benefits of retractable screens are endless. Easy to see through and completely retractable, Retractable screens are superior to traditional interior window treatments. They provide true protection from the sun.  The Screens will: Preserve your view Keep your home or business cool Reduce air conditioning costs Protect furniture from fading Stop hardwood floors from drying Protect valuable artwork from the…

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