Talius Multiple Section Rollshutters

Available for HQ Macro, SHIELD Mini and SAFE Mini

A multiple section rollshutter has a single panel box and multiple curtain sections for the purpose of esthetics or cost effectiveness. A split has multiple curtain sections with either a centre rail, two back to back rails or two back to back rails with a space in between. Multiple sections on the rollshutter can be operated with one or more operators.

Notes About Splitting Rollshutters

In almost all cases where a rollshutter has one or more splits, and is controlled by a single operator, the horizontal level of the bottom profile may be out by approximately 1/4″ (6mm) to 3/8” (9mm) between the first bottom profile and the last when the curtains are fully rolled up. This is a natural occurrence which does not affect the performance of the product and is purely as aesthetic issue.

Maximum Dimensions

HQ Macro, SHIELD Mini and SAFE Mini have a maximum overall panel box width of 230” (5.8m). For approximate maximum section widths and heights, please refer to the individual profile pages. SHIELD Standard and SAFE View rollshutters are available as single span units only.