Talius Rollshutter Motorized Operator Options

Motorized Operators – An Overview

Talius offers two main motor options for Rollshutters, Standard Limit Motors and Somfy RTS Motors. Both motor types are available in a variety of torque capacities to operate any size of Rollshutter.

Standard Limit Motors

High quality Standard Limit tubular motors are designed for reliable, long lasting, maintenance-free operation. These motors are hard-wired, with hard-wired switches, and feature mechanical limits. The standard limit motor can be operated with the flip of a switch or the push of a button. Choose from a variety of controls including:  single switches for individual operation such as Decora Paddle Switches or Keyswitches, or add relays to allow for group control of multiple Talius products from one master location.

Standard Features: 

  • 110v/60 Hz
  • UL/ULC certified
  • Thermal overload switch
  • 6’ Motor cable

Somfy RTS Motors

Somfy Radio Technology (RTS) products provide flexible, convenient options. Somfy RTS motors feature built-in radio frequency receivers and electronic limit switches for simple programming.  The motors can be operated via hand-held transmitter(s), wireless wall switches, timers, or even from the convenience of a. When combined with the appropriate interface, this motor will integrate with a fire alarm, or building automation system.

Standard Features: 

  • 110 v/60 Hz
  • UL/ULC certified
  • Thermal overload switch
  • Interim stop position
  • Standard 6’ cable, 12’, 18’, and 24’ cable options are available

Note: Both Standard Limit Motors and Somfy RTS Motors have manual override motor options

Motor Preparation Package

Utilize this package with a manual operator if there is concern that the customer may find it difficult to operate the manual Rollshutter in future years, or if the customer simply does not wish to spend the additional cost for a motorized operator at this time but may want to motorize in the future. With this package, during manufacturing process all the necessary components are installed, except the motor and switch, for motorized operation. This makes it less time consuming and expensive for future conversion to a motorized operator.

Switches for Standard Limit Motors

If you have selected your rollshutter with standard limit motorized operation, you’ll need to select an appropriate switching device for your motor. Numerous options exist from simple switches and key switches, to Group Control, Timers, and Remote Control. The following pages contain typical switching components that you may select from. For more special switching requirements, such as sun and wind sensors or home automated controls, please contact Inside Sales for additional switching solutions that may be available for your application.

Important Electrical Notes

A certified electrician should perform all wiring connections for motors and switching devices. Follow the approved wiring information provided for each motor and switching device, and do not deviate without approval from the manufacturer. DO NOT wire more than one Standard Limit Tubular Motor to a single switch without the use of special switching devices available through the manufacturer. Only switching controls for tubular motors approved by the manufacturer can be used on our rollshutters to prevent voiding the warranty, possible damage to your product and home, or personal injury. Contact the manufacturer for additional information or clarification on any electrical component.

Standard Limit Motor Switches

Standard limit motors are easily operated with the flip of a switch or the push of a button. Choose from a variety of controls including:

  • Single switches for individual operation.
  • Group controls for operating multiple Talius products from one location.
  • Timer switches for convenient, automated opening and closing.

What is the difference between Maintained and Momentary Switches?

Maintained switches are three-position switches featuring an up, down and stop position. Maintained switches are designed to allow the user to operate the switch in the direction of their choice (up or down) and the switch will operate the rollshutter continuously until it has hit its upper or lower limit unless otherwise interrupted in the stop position.

NOTE: Maintained switches allow the operator to let go of the switch and allow the motor to keep running until it reaches its upper or lower limit.

Momentary switches are three-position switches featuring an up, down, and stop position. Momentary switches are designed to allow the user full control of the operation of the rollshutter by having to keep contact with the switch in the direction of their choice (up or down) and the ability to stop the operation by releasing their hold on the switch.

Momentary switches are ideal for areas in which safety of small children or animals is a concern, or where the operator needs to monitor the operation of the rollshutter to ensure that it does not project downward on any objects that may damage the objects or the rollshutter.

Standard Limit Motor Component Options

Standard Limit Motor Wall Switch Operators

Standard Limit Motor Controllers for Garage Door Applications

Talius recommends the following motor controllers for garage door applications. Please work with your Talius contact to check with local building code requirements to ensure that all building and safety requirements are met prior to placing your order.

Standard Limit Motor Controllers for Group Control Applications

Talius recommend the following motor controller options for group control applications, Please contact Talius if you have any questions regarding the configuration of the group control or for further information on the following options.

Switches for Somfy RTS Motors

If you have selected a rollshutter with Somfy RTS motorized operation, an appropriate switching device will need to be selected. One of the benefits of the Somfy RTS option is the ability to easily operate multiple units from a single transmitter. Talius offers transmitters that allow for the operation of up to 16 units on a single transmitter.

Somfy transmitters have a range of approximately 65’ through double reinforced concrete. However, this range can vary slightly based on factors such as interference, building construction, wiring, and location of components. If you find that you are having this issue or that you need a longer range an RTS Repeater can be used to extend the range of the signal.

The Somfy myLinkTM allows you to use your smart phone to control your Rollshutters, even when away from home. The myLink allows for full control of your Rollshutter and includes individual control, group control, remote access and a 7-day schedule.

Somfy RTS Handheld Transmitters

Lets you operate a motorized rollshutter from anywhere in or around the building. These compact hand-held transmitters are personally coded for maximum security with up, stop and down push bottoms make using them just as easy as a wall switch.

Somfy RTS Wall Switches

Somfy RTS Specialty Switches

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