Talius Rollshutter Panel Boxes

Talius rollshutters roll up into a two part, 5 corner housing called a “panel box”. Depending on the size of the rollshutter, these boxes range from 5” (125mm) to 12” (300mm).

Clearance for Panel Box

Ensure sufficient room above the guide rails for the rollshutter panel box using the sizes provided on the table below for each curtain profile type.


  • Panel box sizes may vary depending on the required shaft
  • Hanger locks may change size of panel box required for a rollshutter
  • These heights are B1’s (guide rail height). Please ensure you have taken into account the 2″ upset for bottom profile clearance and/or the 1 7/8″ downset for u-sill if required.

This chart is intended to be a reference guide only. If you have panel box room limitations at site, please contact us with your project details for an accurate size at 1-800-665-5550.