Talius SAFE View Rollshutter Curtains


SAFE View Rollshutters are available with your choice of extruded aluminum grille or perforated profiles, allowing for security as well as light transmission, ventilation, and visibility. SAFE View Grille 56 rollshutters offer 42% light transmission and SAFE View Perforated 56 rollshutters offer 29% light transmission. Solid and secure, environmentally friendly and lightweight aluminum grilles and perforated slats are more resistant to corrosion, rain and fluctuations in temperature compared to steel product solutions.

Typical Applications and Solutions

  • Stylish appearance harmoniously suits any building architecture, storefronts, small shops, counter enclosures and the interior of modern shopping centers.
  • Perfect for shop front windows to allow for 24-hour visibility.


*Note: SAFE View available in silver only

Size Limitations

The SAFE View Grille 56 and SAFE View Perforated 56 have an additional profile called a “Reinforcement Bar”. The reinforcement bar can be added in different combinations to both Grille and Perforated curtains to allow for larger curtain areas. Please see combination options below: