We can find HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC installed doors in commercial, industrial as well as agricultural environments all around the Tillsonburg Area

The many possibilities of combinations, tailored made and the quality of the materials and of the assembly are among the benefits of choosing HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC for your commercial garage door.

See how our products can not only enhance the look of the building but most important, resist to the bad weather and to an intensive use. 

Our Best Seller In Tillsonburg;

Garage Door GX-175-S | R-16


  • R-16 urethane insulation:
  • High structural resistance ensures panel rigidity.
  • Insulation able to withstand Canadian winter conditions.
  • Double-lip door jamb seal and panel seals.
  • High-gauge anchor plates installed in every Garex door panel to ensure solid hinge attachment.
  • More rigid Industrial rails
  • 8 colors of paint finish, possibility of custom paint finish
  • Features the new Rot-Proof Extruded Polystyrene XPS End Block 

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